Dragonborn DLC: Sheer Map Size Revitalizes Skyrim

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When playing Skyrim Dawnguard it is interesting to be able to find new things in the same world that has been traversed many times before, albeit with a brand new story following the DLC add-on.

New Skyrim Dragonborn DLC map expansive

Now the Dragonborn DLC brings a totally new map and it comes with a size that appears to be just right. For those who enjoyed travelling the previous map, the new region will provide many more great playing hours. In total we have played on the PS3 version of the game for more than 400 hours and another 400 on the Xbox 360 version, when it was launched. So we for one are very happy at seeing a brand new land to explore.

We have not had a lot of time to spend in the new land; however one of the most notable things about it seems to be a real expansion thanks to the size of the map. Dawnguard came with some new locations; however it was nothing on the scale of Dragonborn. After playing the expansion for some time, Bethesda has made the right choice in offering the DLC to owners of the PS3 console next. Of course we haven’t got it yet, and this would depend on just how early in 2013 the DLC is released, and when Dawnguard and Hearthfire comes out.

There are many side quests available and thanks to the size, there should be plenty to find that will keep gamers happy for some time to come.

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