Dragon Age Pushed Out The Way By Anthem?

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In the past, it was all about Dragon Age and Mass Effect for Bioware but we have not gotten any news about Dragon Age for a long time now as Bioware focuses their attention on Anthem. This has led many fans to believe that Bioware might be dropping Dragon Age.

However, Bioware has now made it clear that Dragon Age is still on their mind. According to Casey Hudson, the Bioware General Manager, they do have teams that are working on some secret stuff. He did not elaborate much on it but we think Bioware is also looking to play it safe now.

After all, the fans are not too happy with them now. The last Mass Effect game had a great story and all the bugs and glitches dragged it down. Fans also had mixed feelings about the latest Anthem game as it is different from what Bioware tends to offer and fans are not sure if they like the change Bioware is making.

Anthem will be arriving next year on the 22nd of February.