Dragon Age 4: Finally Some News?

Fans of the Dragon Age franchise have been talking about hoping to see the next game for some time now but so far, BioWare has kept things pretty quiet but could we be seeing the new game soon?

BioWare celebrates the 10th anniversary of the franchise with a tweet that also suggests that we might see more in the near future. The tweet reveals that BioWare will have something to announce on the 4th of December although we do not know what yet.

The developer will be holding a part on that date to celebrate the release of Dragon Age: Origins which was released in 2009. The last game from the franchise was released in 2014 which means it is about time we get another new Dragon Age game.

The tweet also mentioned that fans “Dragon 4ge Day” which suggests that we get finally got some news on the next Dragon Age game. After the announcement last year, things have been pretty quiet on the side of the Dragon Age franchise so mark your calendar!