Dragon Age 4 Already On The Way

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Although we know that Bioware will most likely continue to develop new Dragon Age game, we did not know that they were already working on one right now. While Bioware has not made any official announcement yet, Alexis Kennedy, the person behind some of the top games revealed it in an interview with Eurogamer.

He joined Bioware last year and when he was asked what he was working on, he could not reveal any details back then but now, he revealed that the game is actually the Dragon Age Franchise.

While that does confirm that more Dragon Age is on the way, we are still in the dark about what the new Dragon Age game will be able. According to Kennedy, he was working on a storyline bit of the lore and added that the lore is one that has not been addressed much but it is still distinct.

We do not know how far along the game is and when we will be seeing it but this should be exciting news for the fans.

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