Dragalia Lost Will Be The Start Of Something New?

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Nintendo will be releasing a new IP soon. Called Dragalia Lost, the game will come in as an RPG game on mobile. With so many of these games out there, how can Dragalia Lost set itself apart from the rest?

Although it is a mobile game, the developers did try to smash in as much mechanics as they can into the game from party management to dragon rearing. Instead of showing the players all the mechanics at one go, the developer has decided to break it up so that players won’t feel overwhelmed by everything.

Those that got to test out the game also reported that there were very little cutscenes in the first hour of the game so players can really take their time to get into the game before things really start to get interesting.

If all this sound like it might be your cup of tea, the new Dragalia Lost will be released on Android and IOS on the 27th of September.

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