Doom Sequel Details Listed Out

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We are still waiting for Bethesda to reveal more details about the upcoming Doom sequel so while we wait, let’s go through all the details we know right now.

The new sequel will be called Doom Eternal and it will be set of the events in 2016’s Doom. It will take place on Earth but you will also spend some time on Phobos. Based on what we know right now, the game will play similar to the previous game. Demons like Cacodemons, Barons of Hell, Pain Elementals, Arch-Viles, Arachnotrons, Imps, and Revenants will be coming back along with some with demons.

Players will get to play with new weapons like the Plasma Rifle and Doom Slayer. There is also a new Invasion model where players can players can enter your single-player campaign as demons and try to take you out.

Bethesda has also confirmed that the game will be released for Nintendo Switch as well.

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