Doom Eternal Won’t Leave Nintendo Behind

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We got to see more of Doom Eternal this week as Bethesda showed us a new gameplay footage for the game.

As expected, the game is going to be intense, chaotic and of course gory but there was one thing that Bethesda forgot to announce at QuakeCon 2018 and that is the details on whether the game will be released on Nintendo Switch or not.

Well, soon after the presentation, Doom tweeted that the new Doom Eternal game will definitely be released on the Nintendo Switch which is to be expected since their games like Doom, Wolfenstein II were also released on Nintendo Switch.

What we would like to know now is when the game will be arriving. We know that it should be in 2019 but will the Nintendo Switch version arrive at the same time or be late since it did get Wolfenstein II eight months later than the other platform.

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