Don’t Trust Google’s Pixel Camera Samples

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The Google Pixel XL and Pixel have been announced and the handsets have been said to have one of the best cameras of any device. Recently photos which were said to have been taken by the devices were published online and they were crisp and great looking. However it has been said that they have been touched up.

The pictures shown off were said to taken by the Google Pixel XL and Pixel. It said that the photos looked like stock photos but the EXIF data showed that they were taken with the handset. The photos included macro shots, low light and aerial photos taken with a drone. Underneath the write up on the site showing the photos it said that the camera of the Pixel had some help as the photos were processed using VSCO and Snapseed.

So until you actually get your hands on the Google Pixel XL and Pixel for yourself or another reviewer gets one, you should take the photos with a pinch of salt. Editing software can make any photo look superb after all.

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