Don’t Hold Your Breath For Samsung Galaxy S8

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If you have been holding your breath for the Samsung Galaxy S8 you might want to let it all out and take a deep breath in as it doesn’t look as though the handset is coming anytime soon.

There hasn’t been any news about when the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to make its way out but we know that it won’t happen at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. The show is going to take place over 27 February to 2 March but the handset is not a participant.

If the rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S8 prove to be true then we may see the device at some point in late March or perhaps early on in April. Some people have even said that it will make is way out in New York City at an event.

When the Samsung Galaxy S8 does make its way out it will be offered in two variations, the 5 inch display and the 6 inch display. Both handsets will have a dual curved display and the physical home button is being replaced by the fingerprint scanner.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 should be an amazing handset and of course it does have a lot to prove if it is to save Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mess.

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