Don’t Fall For The Microsoft Surface Phone

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We have heard a great deal about the Microsoft Surface handset that is said to be coming our way. Now a lot of people can’t wait to find out just what is special about the device. Some people have said that the device may be nothing more than a downsized Microsoft Surface Pro, however this is debatable at this point.

One of the biggest clues about the Microsoft Surface phone came earlier when we saw a photo of a patent that was leaked, which was said to be the next Windows phone. It also said that the device was coming with some features that are familiar.

We say this as the patent seems to look the same as one that we saw from Samsung. You can see that the patented image has the stylus port and the charging port on the bottom of the handset.

It looks great but its then that you realize that the patent is one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and not the Microsoft Surface phone. In actual fact it has been renamed to sound as though it’s the new Microsoft phone, but don’t be fooled as it isn’t.

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