Does The 2017 Honda Ridgeline Have What It Takes To Go Against The Ford Ranger?

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Sure, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline has been getting quite an amount of attention ever since it wowed the Detroit crowd last month. And you’re probably aware that the ratio of favourable comments are lesser than the ones that actually find it unappealing. It’s a little saddening, despite the fact that Honda had decided to take a completely different approach this time.

But people have started comparing the super talked-about Ridgeline with the mythical but ever so versatile Ford Ranger. The latter has always been the more favourable vehicle among enthusiasts and there’s no surprise if the Ridgeline truck loses over to the long-reigning Ranger with all of its glory.

That being said, it really all comes down to the Ridgeline’s unattractive appeal again. It’s pretty bland and there’s literally no oomph factor that could come out of it other than you going ahh at the monstrous size of it. Still, we’ve gotta give some props for Honda in trying to achieve a completely different direction this time around.

So if we were to be given a chance to choose between the two, we’re going to go a tad bit against the Ranger to say we’ll root for the Ridgeline this time. That’s because it’s got a lower price tag and the truck could basically carry a bigger load weight. After all, that’s the sole purpose of being a truck, no?

What are your thoughts about this, though? Would you rather go for the ever lovable Ranger or would you opt for the new and boring-looking Ridgeline?

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