Dodge Viper: Almost At The End Of The Line

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After being around for so many years, we can’t say that we were surprised when Dodge announced that the Viper time is almost over but that does not mean that we won’t feel sad.

The Dodge Viper has been around for 25 years and finally, its production will be ending. The end of the production will also mean the end for the Conner Assembly Plant, the plant where the Viper was being produced. The plant will be shut off officially on the 31st of August.

One of the main reason why the Dodge Viper was killed off was because the Viper could not comply with the new safety requirement and instead of working to fix all the issue, Dodge decided that it would not be worth it and ended it. Even without the Viper, Dodge still has the Challenger and Charger.

Dodge only sold about 630units of the Dodge Viper last year.

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