Dodge Grand Caravan Has Not Place In Dodge Future Line-Up?

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There were some speculations about Dodge’s future when the brand was absent from FCA’s Capital Markets event and while FCA did come out to reassure the public, it looks like the brand is up for some real change soon.

According to Motor Trend, Dodge still plays an important role in FCA’S future but a lot will be changing in the future as some models might not fit Dodge’s new focus on becoming America’s sports car brand.

While the article did not reveal which models could be killed off, it is believed that models like the Grand Caravan and Journey might be one of the first to go although we will still see the 2019 models.

With talks about Dodge becoming a sports car brand, some people speculated that we might see the Viper again but according to the reports, the Viper is not in their five-year plan. Although this does not mean we will never be seeing it, it is clear that we won’t be seeing it in the near future.

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