Dodge Charger Insults The Dodge Challenger

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Some people have asked what the difference is between the Dodge Challenger and the Dodge Charger, well do you know? The main difference is the design and the layout of the cabin, but it is difficult to spot the differences as both are very much alike to those who don’t know the two vehicles.

Just about anything that is seen on the Dodge Challenger gets passed over to the Dodge Charger. When the Charger Coupe came our way we felt bad for the Challenger. This is due to the coupe styling that makes the Challenger feel special, but of course this could change if the Charger was to take on the same style.

There is good news as the Dodge Charger Coupe hasn’t been offered as an official product from Dodge, even though we have seen a customized version from Nick Kizi. He spent more than 5,000 hours working on a Charger to turn it into the coupe.

He had the desire to own a Dodge Charger Coupe and so he spent many hours working to make it possible and customize his vehicle. We are hoping that this is going to just be a one-off as if not the Dodge Challenger is going to be insulted.

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