Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs Dodge Challenger GT: But Is It Even A Fight?

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Those living in the Northeast have to put up with some thick snow and bad weather conditions and for these people all-wheel drive vehicles are essential. The new Dodge Challenger GT is the first OEM muscle car to offer all-wheel drive and not surprisingly it has been high on the list for people in the Northeast.

The Dodge Challenger GT is offered with just one engine and this is the V6 3.6 litre naturally aspirated engine offering 305 horses. This is the engine that is found in the entry level version of the Dodge Challenger and Charger.

The vehicles weight is over the two-ton mark and so the Dodge Challenger GTs power to weight ratio is one of the features of the vehicle that is less impressive.

The vehicle recently went up against the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and its 707 horses in a straight line race. The winner was obvious of course, the Hellcat used the red valet key and this caps the supercharged V8 engine to 500 horses while also disengaging launch control.

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