Dodge Challenger Hellcat Takes On 2016 Ford Mustang

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The 2015 Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger Hellcat are two vehicles going up against each other, but which of these two comes out ahead?

There has been plenty of talk about the Lebanon Ford Mustang GT and this comes in with a price tag in the region of $40,000 and gives out 727 horse power. The price tag is lower than that of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and so it may sway people away from the Mustang.
The Lebanon Ford Mustang GT is available to order and it comes with a 2 Roush supercharger offering 727 horses. Whether it is able to beat the Dodge Challenger Hellcat in popularity remains to be seen.

It offers the V8 5 litre engine with 610 torque and has 6 speed manual gears with the 3:31 rear gear setup. There are 18 inch alloys and the P235/50R183 season tires. At the back are 13 inch brakes and the front offers 14 inch brakes.

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has a price tag of around $65,000 so there is a big difference in the price of both vehciles.

There are 14 inch brakes on the Ford Mustang GT, while the brakes on the Dodge Challenger Hellcat are 15.4 inches and these are high performance. This means that the Challenger wins in this category.

The Ford Mustang GT is offered with 6 speed manual gearing and it has the 5 litre V8 engine. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat offers the 6 speed manual that we have seen on the Dodge Viper.

The Ford Mustang GT Lebanon offers 727 horses but the price tag of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is lower for a vehicle that is fast too.