Dodge Challenger Demon Truth Remains Hidden

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The Dodge Challenger Demon has been confirmed by Dodge but up to now they haven’t shared any big information about the upcoming vehicle. Many people have been taking the rumoured outcome of the vehicle as gospel.

It has been said that the Dodge Challenger Demon is going to offer up a single seat arrangement and it is going to offer up 900 horses. It has also been said to be rear-wheel drive only and it should come out at the New York Auto Show.

Rumours are usually backed up by insider reports and leaks for the Dodge Challenger Demon. It is not impossible for the vehicle to arrive and offer all that we have heard of but you should at least take the information with a pinch of salt.

The only thing that we know for certain is that the Dodge Challenger Demon is going to come with a lighter weight and it is going to offer up more power than what the Hellcat offers. It is thought that we will get more information in New York, if of course the rumors about the vehicle arriving there are true.

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