Dodge Challenger Demon Starts Talking Big Numbers

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The Dodge Challenger Demon has been revealed to offer up a Drag Mode and they revealed a teaser showing how this mode works alongside the SRT Demons new suspension, traction and control and the vehicle talks some big numbers.

Dodge said the Dodge Challenger Demon is going to combine electronic and mechanical tuning, while at the same time being able to maintain precision directional control.

They went on to say that the SRT Demon is the very first factory production vehicle to offer mechanical and electronic drag-race suspension tuning that is specific. To help you win when drag racing your Dodge Challenger Demon there are some big numbers.

In regards to the hardware the springs at the front are 35% lower rage and 28% lower rate at the back. The hollow front sway bar in 75% lower and the sway bar at the back is 44% lower rate. The Dodge Challenger Demon comes with Bilstein Adaptive Damping Shocks that have been drag tuned. This means the result comes in at [email protected] and this was seen in the tire smoke of the teaser image, but Dodge didn’t give any explanation.

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