Dodge Challenger & Chrysler Pacifica To Seek Help From Volkswagen?

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The Dodge Challenger and Chrysler Pacifica are looking to get help from Volkswagen as if VW buys FCA they would have all the resources needed to go on to develop the Challenger and Pacifica.

Earlier on this week the French PSA Group decided that they would purchase Vauxhall and Opel from GM. It isn’t very often that we see deals with this magnitude in the auto industry. Now rumours have been going around about other possible mergers. One rumour is about the FCA following the CEO claiming that his company may be about to partner with Volkswagen.

It was said that the CEO has been looking for a strategic partner so that they can co-develop technology. If the deal was to go ahead it would be Volkswagen that would buy out the FCA, just as the PSA did in regards to Vauxhall and Opel. Volkswagen could of course gain from the presence of FCA in the US with their trucks and SUVs.

Both brand names have struggled in the past dealing with reliability claims and the FCA is looking at a diesel scandal of its own. A partnership between FCA and Volkswagen does sound very intriguing; however it is something that is very unlikely to happen.

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