Dodge Challenger And Chrysler Pacifica In Suicide Pact

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The Fiat Chrysler Automobile group may best be described as strange. We say this as generally they make some unpopular decisions and those decisions don’t pay off. Some of them have been very bizarre, while others haven’t made much sense at all to people.

The FCA has just made another decision to open up 400 additional dealers within the US. Some of the dealers that are going to be opening will be close to ones that are already trading and selling vehicles, so it looks suicidal.

If the plans of the FCA to open up the new dealers alongside existing ones goes ahead then we can only imagine the worse for the Dodge Challenger and Chrysler Pacifica.

The FCA are struggling right now to sell the Dodge Challenger, even though it is an iconic vehicle. The same applies to the Chrysler Pacifica. Unplanned expansions to dealers in the US really aren’t going to improve selling the vehicles.

Fiat-Chrysler does have a lot of debt piling up and the answer surely isn’t to open up more dealers and have more Dodge Challenger and Chrysler Pacifica vehicles standing around on them. So it is looking as though 2017 is going to be the year that makes or breaks the FCA.

But do you think it will be make or break for the FCA, will they survive?

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