Dodge Challenger And Chevrolet Camaro Fights Reaching A Climax

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The FCA boss is often criticized for many things but one thing that you cannot criticise him about is giving up. The chief executive is said to be considering the possibility of going to GM for a merger, yet again.

Of course the FCA could really do with a merger to help with the debt problems, but does the FCA have anything to offer any potential partner? If you ask GM they would probably say no as they have turned down the FCA several times.

Should GM change their minds on perhaps take pity on their rival, which isn’t likely, the merger would see the fighting between the Dodge Challenger and the Chevrolet Camaro reach a climax. Which many fans think would be bad news.

Fans like the rivalry between the Dodge Challenger and the Chevrolet Camaro as both bring different things to the market. Both share platforms and technology and this puts even more pressure onto the Ford Mustang, but the muscle car segment would lose flavour.

This isn’t of any real concern to the FCA boss and he did insist at the Geneva Auto Show that he could knock on the door of GM once again without shame, or indeed any door, if he thought that it was good for the business.

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