Dodge Challenge USA Reputation Tarnished During Drag Race

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While the Dodge Challenger Hellcat might be the fastest car on the market in the US at the moment, we think that it shouldn’t have that title. We believe this due to the fact that it cannot offer any challenge to competitors.

Recently we saw a drag race with three vehicles from competing countries and the Challenger came in behind the Nissan GT-R and the Porsche 911 Turbo. It did this as soon as the lights turned green and they thundered off the starting line.

By two seconds the gap was big and this meant that what should have been a three car race turned into a two car race. The Dodge Challenger Hellcat might be a good vehicle, however it perhaps should not be chosen when it comes to representing the US.

The organizers of the race should perhaps choose the Ford Mustang, Ford GT or the Chevrolet Corvette instead of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat as they might put up a fight that is better.

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