Division 2: The Leak Was The Real Deal

The Division 2 fans might want to step away from the internet if they do not want to get spoiled as Ubisoft has now confirmed that there has been a major Division 2 story leak because some of the audio files that were left in PTS.

The audio files suggest that reappearance of old The Division characters and more revealing what the game will ex[lore in the next three seasons. With Manhunts, a new agent will be introduced in each season so players can start hunting them down.

The leak revealed the targets for Season 2 to Season 4. If you do not want to know, you might want to stop reading now. It was revealed on Reddit, the Season 2 Manhunt target is Hornet from the first game. For Season 3, we will be introduced to a new character called Natalia Sokolov and in the fourth season, we will be hunting down Faye Lau, the character from The Division.

Ubisoft later confirms this leak themselves.