Disney Afternoon Collection Launch Trailer Will Turn Back Time

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Capcom might have given us one of the best surprises of the week when they release the new launch trailer for the Disney Afternoon Collection. We all remembered the good old days where we got to sit and just watch cartoons after cartoons.

Well, the new Disney Afternoon Collection will compile all the related games and put it all into a nice HD package. While it is nice to see all these new games on the screen once more, some player quickly pointed out that not all the series made it into the game.

In the launch trailer, The Little Mermaid was clearly missing from the trailer and while some people argues that it was because the collection only included those with tv series, others are saying that The Little Mermaid did get a TV Series although it was shown in other countries.

Fans are hoping that The Little Mermaid might come in as a DLC in the future but for now, this is good enough. Check out the Launch Trailer below.

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