Dishonored 2 VR Could Become Reality!

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The level designer of Dishonored has spoken up about the fact that we could see Dishonored 2 VR become a reality as he said that they were thinking about it.

He said that Dishonored 2 VR would be a dream when it came to designing the levels of the game. He went on to say that there were many things that could be transferred over to a VR version of the game fast and which would be a lot of fun.

If Arkane do choose to offer up Dishonored 2 VR then gamers should not expect a straight port of the game. He said that the only mobility or transportation would be Blink. Of course there is the issue of motion sickness which could be caused by FPS movement. He went on to say that there wouldn’t be all the fatalities as they are animated and this means it would make people sick.

So what does it mean exactly for Dishonored 2 VR? The designer went on to say that he thought of a room like Clockwork Mansion with all the gears and objects, which would allow people to get up close and inspect them and the beauty they hold. He said that VR was all about looking at the scenery along with manipulating objects.

So it looks as though we might see an entirely new VR focused experience with Dishonored 2 VR, something unique and one of the best games that you could play on PS VR.

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