Dishonored 2 Fans Get More Frustrated

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There has been a lot of excitement surrounding Dishonored 2 but now that excitement has turned to frustration as the game is taking far too long to be released. When the game does arrive gamers can expect to play as two assassins, with plenty of powers. But how long is it going to take?

One gamer is so excited about Dishonored 2, along with showing his frustration at the same time, that he revealed he is going out an purchasing a new PC just so he can play the game at max.

Other gamers are angry that there has been plenty of teasers about the game but still they are no closer to actually getting their hands on it. The game is coming closer, around a month and we expect to be playing it, but this has been a long wait.

If Dishonored 2 doesn’t arrive within the next month then the developer is going to feel the wrath of a multitude of gamers as their patience has worn very thin. Some people have suggested that it may become the 2016 game of the year but if it doesn’t hurry up and arrive soon it may actually become the game of the year for 2017.

Are you waiting to get your hands on Dishonored 2 and are you fed up with the long wait?

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