Dirty Washing Revealed By Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer

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Mass Effect games are usually at their best when they are played in single player mode. They have been well-known for being single player games that offer up a galactic simulation that stands out above all others. However when Mass Effect 3 came out Bioware began experimenting on multiplayer aspects.

Many fans didn’t like the fact that the developer had incorporated multiplayer into Mass Effect 3 as they thought it had a negative impact on the game. Now we are hearing that the upcoming sequel is going to include multiplayer mode too and this hasn’t gone down too well.

In a Tweet it was confirmed today by someone on the development team that Mass Effect Andromeda is going to arrive with a multiplayer mode and it won’t offer dedicated servers. Instead the game is going to have peer to peer features, exactly the same as in Mass Effect 3.

This has worried many fans as of course they fear that the same old issues will be making a return to Mass Effect Andromeda. Gamers may find themselves forced to team up if they want to see the different ending. If their partner is suffering high pings then they may suffer from lagging.

The multiplayer mode in Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t going to be a fun thing to have and one thing that gamers are hoping for is that the multiplayer mode doesn’t get integrated into the main single player mode in the game.