Different Designed Microsoft Lumia 950: Would It Make A Difference?

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Microsoft wanted the Microsoft Lumia 950 to be a lot more successful than the handset really was. Some people said that the design of the handset didn’t do anything to help it, but others said it was down to Windows 10 that it didn’t sell so well. So would a new design have made any difference?

Microsoft was hoping to attract business users with the Microsoft Lumia 950 and perhaps this is why they went with the design they did. Business users generally want a design that is down to earth and this is what they got. However, the handset was put in the shadow by others that came with flashier designs.

Perhaps if Microsoft had designed the Microsoft Lumia 950 with better looks then it would have gone down better. Perhaps they should have gone for something in between business owners and everyday users.

But what do you think? Would the Microsoft Lumia 950 have gone down better if it has a different design?

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