Did You Know That Video Games Might Help Our Brains?

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You’ve probably played loads of games all this while, and gotten loads of nagging from your mum. But now you’re going to have a new defensive statement. Tell her that playing games might actually help your brain too (we’re not teaching you to be more naughty, mind you!)

Sure, they have played their part in making us more violent (to a certain extent) and most people usually connote it to not being something good and useful for us. But a group of neuroscientists recently found out that they are also a fantastic controlled simulation of real-world tasks, since modern games have been adapting more “real” applications and situations. For instance, there’s this experiment suggesting that gamers (who played more than 20 hours per week) are more adept in completing an assigned puzzle than those of non-gamers.

In regards of exploring the “outside world”, this proves to be very handy for, say, an elderly bedridden person who can’t seem to be in touch with “reality” anymore, therefore, playing 3D video games can somehow enrich their environments and make their life less of a bore. Well, for what it’s worth, do continue to play them since it might actually help you in the long-run, but play them moderately, because you wouldn’t want the whole house to hear all the nagging from mum.

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