Did Samsung Make A Mistake Gunning For The iPhone 5 In Its Lastest Ads

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With the Samsung Galaxy S3 hitting the market well before the iPhone 5, everyone was expecting the Korean giant to take a swing at the new iPhone come launch day as it was going to be its biggest rival for the rest of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mocks iPhone 5 redesign without knowing reasons

In particular, Samsung’s marketing team ran a string of ads mocking the iPhone 5 and showing how the Samsung Galaxy S3 was still king. In particular, it showed Apple users in bad light as it portrayed them as old and “sheepish”.

In particular, there was once character in their ads that praised Apple or moving their headphone jack to the bottom on the iPhone 5. The character explained how Apple “blew his mind” by doing so. Of course, no one knew why Apple did that after so many years and hence it was an easy thing for Samsung to make fun of.

Now the folks over at PatentlyApple believe they may have stumbled across the reason behind it and it may have Apple having the last laugh.

The blog explains that Apple could be freeing up real estate up top to include a pico projector up to in future iOS devices like the iPhone 6 and iPod touch 6g.

There have been patents filed by Apple about pick projectors for their devices in the past and the recent unveiling of a high-efficiency red laser diode for displays from Sharp has got the ball rolling again. This compact projector would be easy to use if it is mounted on top of course so it all would make sense.

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