Diablo II Five Year Long Wait Now Over!

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Fans of the popular game Diablo 2 have been waiting for Blizzard to release an update patch for the game ever since the new OS system messed it up for them. The last time we saw a patch was back in 2011 and now five years later, Blizzard is ready to release another patch for the game.

The new patch, version 1.14a will arrive to help their fans fixed some of the issues they have been having with the game after they have upgraded their OS to the latest OSX and Windows 10.

The new patch will not only fixed some fo the glitches that surfaced after the OS update but Blizzard also added that the patch will improve their cheat-detection system and hack prevention capabilities.

You would think that people have already moved on from the game but actually, Diablo 2 still has a pretty huge following and we are sure they will be very happy to hear about the new patch.

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