Diablo 4 Buries Potential Diablo 2 HD Remaster

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There isn’t long to wait for BlizzCon 2016 which is held on November 4 and we have heard that this is where we are going to hear the announcement of Diablo 4. There were fans who though that Diablo 3 HD Remastered was coming our way, but now it is looking doubtful.

While some say the rumor of Diablo 4 coming our way is far-fetched, one member of YouTube spoke out about some promotional swag. In a video he said that the BlizzCon promotion pack had some die in it and one of these was the D4 four sides die. This got a lot of fans excited, however, it was then found out that the numbers were nothing but a misprint and in fact instead of them having three 1s, at the bottom of the three sides, which is normal, there were two ones and one four printed.

So the misprint reflects the November 4 starting date of BlizzCon 2016, which is on the die by mistake.

Bill Roper along with David Brevik were at the California premises of Blizzard last week and Brevik as you might remember worked on Diablo 2, while Roper is president of Blizzard North and also the senior producer associated with Diablo 2. Brevik had been on Twitter and said Diablo like games have been surprising us for over twenty years and they have evolved and he went on to say that he was proud to be adviser to a game that pushes the genre to new heights.

But the big thing here is why are the two veterans of Diablo 2 paying a visit before BlizzCon? Are we going to see Diablo 2 HD Remastered or Diablo 4, or none?

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