Devil May Cry 3: Style Change On The Fly

Developers of the upcoming Devil May Cry 3 game have suggested that there the Nintendo Switch version of the game will come with an updated style switching feature and it has now been revealed what that means for the fans.

More details of the style switch have been revealed on their website. According to the page, players will be able to switch in between four different styles with the press of a button. Players can switch from Trickstar, Swordmaster, Royalguard, and Gunslinger.

Called the “Free Style” mode. the developer added that the new feature could change how some fans play the game as they can now decide what style they want to go with mid-game nd change in between any one of them anytime.

The new Devil May Cry 3 game is set to arrive on the 20th of February on the Nintendo Switch. Only the digital version will be available.