Detroit Auto Show 2016: Ford Ranger, Bronco, Hyundai Santa Cruz, Honda Ridgeline…

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The Detroit Auto Show is now just around the corner and with that in mind all eyes are now on which next big vehicle will make its debut.

On the top of the list are the all-new Ford Ranger, rumored Ford Bronco, constantly teased Honda Ridgeline and lastly the newcomer Hyundai Santa Cruz. So which one are you most excited about?

The Ford Ranger is without a doubt highest on the list as it was a strong seller and left us just a few year back – so resurrecting it should be a big deal. Next on the list is the Ford Bronco which has been gone for slightly longer, about 2 decades more.

Moving on we have the Honda Ridgeline and Hyundai Santa Cruz. The Honda Ridgeline is almost a guaranteed show at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show given the numerous teasers while the Hyundai Santa Cruz is doubtful as we have only seen a concept truck to date.

So which do you have you sights set on for Detroit 2016? The Ford Ranger, Bronco, Honda Ridgeline or Hyundai Santa Cruz?

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  1. Pete Kerns

    January 11, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    The “Ranger”, because it was built to last and built for easy repair. It was rugged and economical. Even then it got 20 mpg, and I’ll bet it will be in the 40 mpg this release. They called it a “chick truck” but they were very wrong, it was “THE Truck” affordable for the common man.