Detroit Auto Show 2016: Hyundai Santa Cruz, Ford Ranger, Ford Bronco and Honda Ridgeline

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People have been asking what the next big vehicle is going to be when it makes its arrival at the Detroit Auto Show 2016.

There are many contenders but there are some that stand out among the best. For instance there is the new Ford Ranger, the Ford Bronco keeps getting mentioned, the Hyundai Santa Cruz and the Honda Ridgeline. But which of these vehicles is the most exciting to you?

The Ford Ranger is one vehicle that has been a good seller and it left the market a couple of years ago but it could be brought back. The Ford Bronco hasn’t been on the market for two or more decades and this too could be brought back.

Then there is the Hyundai Santa Cruz and the Honda Ridgeline. The Ridgeline should make an appearance at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show and we have also been teased about the Hyundai Santa Cruz with a concept of it.

But which of these are you the most excited about seeing? Is it the Honda Ridgeline, the Ford Bronco, the Ford Ranger or the Hyundai Santa Cruz?