Destiny DLC Release Date Leaked

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It looks like fans of Destiny may have found the release date of the new expansion pack DLC that is set to come out this year.

Recently Bungie launched an update to the Prison of Elders area and this brought new regions so that players could continue their search to find more loot. It wasn’t anything special and this left many people wanting more and looking for clues for Destiny 2 or a new DLC coming our way.

Within a few minutes of the update being released one player quickly made his way through the Prison of Elders on his own and as they went through the game they also found a hidden object and made a walkthrough of where people could find it. They did all this in only 16 minutes.

If you take a good look around the area you will come across a ghost which has a grimloire card that you can loot and it tells you the story of a new character coming to the game by the name of Rezyl Azzir. This indecently was the name of the person who said on Reddit that they had gone through the update fast. He then quickly took his account down but not before people had read his posts and the walkthrough. They revealed a message in Latin, “Vegisima die mensis noni. ILLUD est venturus. Per Audacia ad astra.” This means “The twentieth day of the ninth month. IT is coming. Forward, to the stars.”

Now gamers have been saying that the Destiny DLC is going to arrive on 20 September 2016.

So could this be an intentional hidden leak from Bungie hoping to stir up a lot of excitement for the June E3, what do you think?