Destiny 2: Will They Have Time For Story Telling This Time

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After all the hype about the first Destiny game, the fans were hugely disappointed when they realized that the developer forgot to give the game an actual story. Yes, the game sort of tell you which side you are on and who you have to kill but that is basically it.

The “story” that they came out with was barely memorable and fans felt like they were nothing to bind them to the game. To be fair, they did make out a story for the game but it unfolded only if you get the 4 expansion pack that game later and that of course, angered the fans even more.

The story was also in the Grimoire but most poeple won’t even bother to read it so that was a waste. If you were to read about it, the story is actually pretty interesting. Too bad Bungie did not care to highlight the story.

They made some interesting changes to the game later on but by the time the game was where it wanted it to be, most of the fans have already moved on and not many fans were willing to give it another chance.

Now that the new Destiny 2 has been announced, the fans are wondering if the developers will include an actual story this time or not. There have not been any announcement or leak that would give us a clue as to what the story will be this time around but we are hoping that Bungie will do a better job at telling it this time around.

While Bungie did announce the game, they did not reveal the release date of the game. It is believed that the game will be arriving in September this year after the poster of the game was leaked.

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