Destiny 2: What To Expect After Forsaken?

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Bungie is getting ready to release their next expansion for Destiny 2 called Forsaken and while there is a lot to look forward to with the new DLC, fans are also hoping to learn more about what Bungie has in store for them after the Forsaken DLC.

After Forsaken has its course with all the content they have ready, Bungie new roadmap shows that there will be two different paths. One for the free seasonal updates path were all Destiny 2 will be getting as an annual pass path which will unlock more exclusive content.

The first season will start in December with the Season of the Forge where everybody can access The Dawning event, Iron Banner, Crucible content, new weapons, and more. Those with the annual pass will get to access the Black Armory, and new Forges of the Chain activity and more.

The same thing will happen with the Season of the Drifter for Spring next year and another in the Summer. You can check out Bungie’s blog for more details on their roadmap for Destiny 2.

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