Destiny 2 Upcoming DLC Won’t Be Enough?

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Things did start out better for Destiny 2 this time around. Unlike the last game, Bungie definitely had a lot more to offer this time around but at the end of the day, it still wasn’t enough to keep the fans around for a little longer.

One way that the developers are using to lure the fans back to the game will be through their upcoming DLC but at the point, will it still be enough? The new DLC, Warmind will be released on the 8th of May.

The new expansion will allow players to explore new regions in the map called Hellas Basin. They will also be getting new missions and world event. To spice things up, there is also the Escalation Protocol where players can tackle horde-mode style mission in the sandbox.

While all of these does sound exciting, we are not sure if it will be enough to convince some fans that they should return to the game. What do you think?

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