Destiny 2 Temporary Solution For Enhance Quest

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Bungie has just released the new Destiny 2 game and while the feedbacks are pretty positive so far, the game still has a few bugs that need to be squished out.

Soon after the released, some fans reported that when they complete the Enhance quest, the MIDA Mini-Tool does not get sent to the Postmaster. Bungie has since acknowledged that they are aware of the issue which means they are probably working on a fix right now.

However, while we wait for a permanent solution, there is actually a temporary way that you can use to make sure the Postmaster gets it. All you need to do is make sure you have more than one Energy weapon inventory slot available when you complete the quest.

Bungie has already fixed a few issues since the game was released but there is always more to do. What do you think of the new Destiny 2 so far?

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