Destiny 2 Sweeten Deals For Old Players

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Players that did give the first Destiny game were disappointed with what they were offered. After all the hype, the fans felt like the game failed to meet up to their expectation but Bungie wants their old players to give them another chance.

According to Bungie, returning players will get a reward if they were to return and play the new Destiny 2 game. He did not specify what the rewards will be but did promise that they will be getting one.

Besides that, he also talked a little about the future of the franchise and how the story in Destiny 2 will show players where they are going next, he even mentioned Destiny 3 but let’s not get our hopes up yet.

The new Destiny 2 game will be launching on the 6th of September on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for the first time ever, PC. The PC version will only be arriving in October.

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  1. Dennis

    September 4, 2017 at 8:29 am

    I wonder what the reward will be when Bungie is so desperate for it’s Destiny 2 sales not to tank. It seems like a great idea from a publicist. I hope Destiny 2 is worth it.