Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Players Coming Together To Solve Puzzle

The game Destiny 2 itself already has a lot of puzzles and mystery but the latest one to get the players scratching their head is the one in the Collector’s Edition.

For those that got the Collectors Edition were given a puzzle that players are trying to solve right now. The game was packed with a moon-centric story supplement and a journal that offers details on Eris Morn. There is also the Hive Cryptoglyph that is a mechanics that buyers will have to unlock on their own to open using the clues in the package.

Those that did manage to get it open revealed that there is a slip of paper inside that has the URL for Bungie’s site with the code. The code can be used to redeem an in-game emblem to show that to solve the puzzle but the puzzle is turning out to be more complicated than we believe.

Some people pointed out that once they get their code, they could also visit the URL of other players and can uncover more pieces. The pieces can come together to show five pages of text related to Hive lore. Players are still working on deciphering the message right now.