Destiny 2 New Faction Not Really New

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Bungie might want to call it new but to the fans, this is just Taken repeating itself as they feel like the new enemies are just another re-skin.

Fans of Destiny have been hoping to see a new faction in the game for some time now so the fans got all excited when Bungie announce that a new faction will be added when the new Forsaken DLC arrives.

However, the fans soon realize that the so call new faction is more like a re-skin. According to Bungie, the new faction will be called the Scorn and they are basically a group of mutated Fallen enemies.

They did say that the attack patterns of the Scorn is distinct and uniquely their own but some fans are still skeptical. New enemies that will be added with the DLC includes the Screeb, Raiders, Ravagers, Chieftains, Mongrels, and Lurkers. You can read more about their abilities on their official website.

The new Forsaken DLC will start off with the death of Cayde-6. It will be arriving on the 4th of September.

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