Destiny 2 New Event Come With New Weapon?

The legendary shotgun from Destiny 1 might be coming to Destiny 2 as well as data miners managed to locate the shotgun in the files of the game.

A new weapon quest has started called The Lie. After the reset, players should be able to hit the first step of the quest which will take them to Mars to talk to Ana Bray. There, it will be suggested that something is going on with Rasputin.

To start, you will first need to finish the Season of the Worthy’s Seraph Tower event on Earth, the Moon and Io. It will take a while for the players to complete this. According to Ginsor, it should take about 3 million completions on each plant to advance The Lie to the next step.

It is said that the quest will become easier as players get past the first step. Dataminers have also suggested that players will return to Vostok and learn more about Rasputin. This all seems to be leading to the Felwinter’s Lie, the shotgun from Season 1. Whether this is true or not, we will have to wait and see.