Destiny 2 New Enemy: Nothing To See Here

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It has been a long time since the players of Destiny 2 were given a new faction to test their abilities and that is why fans were excited when it was announced that the Forsaken DLC will come with a new faction but most of them were unhappy with what the developers will be offering them after looking at what the new faction is all about.

According to Bungie, the new faction will be called the Scorn and they are a group of mutated Fallen enemies with distinct attack patterns. However, for the fans, these are just reskinned enemies and not really “new”.

One of the enemies that we will be seeing is the Screeb, a mutation similar to Thralls. They sprint at you at all times and will explode when they get close. Then there is the Raiders which will be equipped with void buzzsaws and teleporters. There is also the Ravagers, Chieftains, Mongrels, and Lurkers. You can read more about them on their site.

What do you think of the “new” faction?

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