Destiny 2: Making Up For Destiny’s Lack Of Story

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A lot of fans were disappointed with how little story the first Destiny game actually had. In the developer’s defence, they did have a story to offer but the story was only told in the grimoire and not the game itself.

When rumours about Bungie games working on a new Destiny game started going around, fans commented that they wish Bungie would add a little more story to the game this time around and clearly Bungie heard them loud and clear.

According to Bungie, the first game was meant to make their fans curious and that they have heard the complaints of their fans. They added that they are hoping that people would complain about how much story Destiny 2 has now.

He added that they are ready to tell Destiny story now so we should expect to see more expansive cinematic stories coming our way. We are hoping they don’t overdo it but at this point, the idea of having more story is definitely better than no stories at all.

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