Destiny 2 Listened & It Showed

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With all the hype there was before the first Destiny game was released, a lot of fans were disappointed when they finally got their hands on the game but Bungie clearly sorted things out for the second game.

With the first game, a lot of fans were disappointed by how little story the game actually had. The story was later revealed in the Grimoire but most people just did not get what was going on. With Destiny 2, it is clear that the developer made it a point to make sure that the story was loud and clear and everything just feels very very well thought out.

They also made some very important changes to the gear and engram system so that things are more well balanced now. This was also something that the fans were hoping they would do in the second game.

Destiny 2 also gives their players more choices and freedom when it comes to customization. Overall. the second game is shaping up to be the Destiny game that we were hoping for in the beginning. What do you think of it so far?

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