Destiny 2: Iron Banner Details Revealed

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Fans have been asking for Bungie to bring Iron Banner back for the longest time and their wishes are finally being heard as Bungie announce the return of Iron Banner.

While most of the features will remain the same, the new Iron Banner will come with some changes so here is what you can expect from the multiplayer mode this time around. According to Bungie, the Power Level will now play a bigger role now as players will need to equip their most powerful weapons and gear to hold their own and earn rewards.

There will be seven weekly bounties from now on with each mission offering a chance to getting an Iron Banner-themed reward. Two of the bounties will have a chance of dropping Powerful rewards to improve your Power level.

On top of that, Bungie will also be bringing Lord Saladin back with five new pieces of armor and two new weapons of purchase. The Iron Banner mode will start on the 18th of September with resets happening on the 25th of September.

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