Destiny 2 Gets Fans’ Frustration

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One of the biggest issue with the first Destiny game according to the fans is the lack of story line. Most fans feel like the game did not have any story and they were left feeling empty at the end but that was not true.

In fact, the writers of the game actually did come out with a great story and lore for the game but instead of handing it to their fans in the game, the story was hidden in the Grimoire and those that actually took the time to go though those did get to know more about the world but those that did not be lost. The worst part of it all is that the developers made it so difficult to read the Grimoire that many of the fans did not bother with it. The cards can only be read on the PC, tablet or smartphone.

Seeing their mistake in that, it was revealed that the upcoming Destiny 2 will not have the Grimoire cards anymore. Instead, fans will be given the lore in the game itself so everybody will know what is going on.

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