Destiny 2 For PC Won’t Be Shackle Free

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PC fans have been waiting for the Destiny franchise to hit PC since the first game was released and while it does not look like the first game will ever make it to the PC, Destiny 2 will but don’t expect it to be a smooth port.

It has just been announced that Destiny 2 for PC will only be offered exclusively on Battlenet by Blizzard. While Battlenet is not bad at all, fans were disappointed that Activision decided to exclude Steam.

It was also revealed that the PC fans will not be getting the game at the same time as the console players. The original 8th of September date is only for the consoles while the PC release date has not been decided yet.

According to Bungie, they will try to come out with a date for the PC version in the coming week but as of now, nobody knows how long the wait will be before the PC players can get their hands on the game.

We are happy that the game is actually coming to the PC this time but things are going to turn ugly if Bungie handles this incorrectly.

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